Google Pay On Air New Offer today offer India

google pay on air

Lisiten to any google pay add on youtube and get up to 1000 (10-1000) scrach card

Catch a Google Pay ad and earn an On-Air scratch card worth ₹10 to ₹1000.. Listen to any eligible Google Pay ad on YouTube or your television using the On-Air feature to earn the reward.

Google Pay On Air How it works

When you see a Google Pay ad running on television or YouTube

(any ads on this Google India YouTube playlist),

open the Google Pay app.

On the home screen, tap the On-Air icon.

Allow Google Pay to access your microphone in order to listen to the ad.

The microphone only listens on this On-Air page,

and the audio never leaves your device.

Bring your phone close to the audio and stay on the On-Air page for at least 20 seconds for the Google Pay app to obtain an accurate match.

If the app finds a positive match, you will earn a scratch card!


If the audio cannot be identified by the Google Pay app, you can retry in an environment with less noise or increase the volume of the ad

How to enable the google pay on air feature

If you or your friends cannot see the On-Air page on your Google Pay home screen, try turning on your Location

Google pay on air

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